Doors, Walls, Rooms

Because a stone in front of a cave is a thing of the past.

Steel security doors are recommended by security experts, insurance companies and the police. The doors protect against break-in, fire and smoke fumes.

The partition walls by MS Protect AG offer security and protection against robbers and are bullet-proof and heat insulating.

As a certified VdS and fire safety business, the safety doors by MS PROTECT AG are checked in accordance with the current norms:

  • burglary-resistant doors EN 1627-1630
  • bullet-resistant doors EN 1522
  • fire protection doors VKF
  • multifunctional doors
  • blast-resistant doors, armasuisse blast test

In addition to the modular safety partitions, MS PROTECT AG also manufactures modular safe rooms and safe doors in resistance classes WG IV-WG XKB.